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  Hello, welcome to my website.

My Opening Statement - 10 min read;

Warning: If you are a Black or Brown Nevadan don't allow yourselves to be beguiled or bullied back into a dangerous work environment. Black and brown people across this nation are the ones doing most of the dying from COVID-19 pandemic.  Stay home, stay safe. 


5/30/2020 UPDATE: The George Floyd National Protests - I was Black Lives Matter back in 2014,I tried my hardest to start a chapter here in Las Vegas - to no avail scroll thru this 2016 article to last sentence

To be clear, the winner of the Democratic Party Primary for Congressional District #1 will be the Congressional representative for the district- in 2021, as the Republican Party candidate doesn't have the votes to win - even if every Republican voter in the district voted - simple math......... 

My political positions are all in line with the "Progressive Left."

Medicare-for-All (universal healthcare coverage) raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans - a Wealth Tax on America's 621 billionaires, a minimum wage of $22.20 an hour (for those cleaning the casino bathrooms, and others handling [daily] bio- hazard refuse, they should be paid $100.00 an hour), Green New Deal, massive infrastructure projects that will re-employ millions whose jobs were destroyed do this COVID-19 pandemic. 

The complete elimination of all existing student debt - all public colleges, universities and trade schools are to be free.  And, to call it criminal justice reform is an insult to the word "justice." It's anything but -just. 

 Here, one one page - I will give you the many reasons not to cast your mail-in ballots for Congresswoman Dina Titus.  I don't have enough pages to lay out all of her political/social transgressions, so I've posted individual links below.  If at the conclusion of reading all she's failed to do - the job for which she was hired by you to do - if you're not convinced the citizens of CD#1 need change - then vote away for Dina Titus.  But, later, don't complain when she fails to deliver - as she has [failed] since 2013 for the district - just walk to you mirror for whose really to blame - you.   Each link below is subject specific.         

The first thing to be said is that Congressional District #1, a "majority-minority district" of nearly 80% non-white people should have a representative that looks like the district.  To have a congressperson other then one that looks like the district - a person who is either Latino or black - is to tell the Democratic Party leadership that you crave infancy - that non-white people need a white overseer.   

Of the 434 other congressional districts in America, you'd be hard pressed to find more than 3 or 4 with a white majority population with a non-white person as their congressional representative.  I seek to go to the U.S. Congress 'exclusively' to represent the needs of "People of Color" - 110 + million - needs that have been purposely overlooked, and outright neglected since the birth of this nation -  in particular, the needs of its 44 + million black citizens that have been the most neglected.  The treatment of its black population by our very own government is an unconscionable disgrace.  There is a human rights report by the government of the People's Republic of China - a 13,000 word report on the state of Human Rights in America ( ), in one section of this very disturbing Human Rights report it states that it will take 200 years for black wealth to catch up with white wealth - 200 years.

This government of the American republic must pay financial reparations to the living descendants of the chattel slave trade that was fully authorized, made legal by the government of the United States of America - period.  I seek to go to the Congress, replacing Congresswoman Dina Titus to make this a reality for 44+million African-Americans.  (my position on Reparations - long overdue)  



 I will not be that servile, Ray Nagin black politician who shines it on when they see legislation that comes to the floor (like the 1994 so-called "Crime Bill") that their common sense tells them will harm people of color the most - yet says nothing as not to rock the boat.   I will make no apologies for my political style - which is highly confrontational.  The very first thing I wanted to be as a kid growing up in Philadelphia was a professional fighter, but, my mother wouldn't allow people to train me - however, I've kept that mentality my entire life and American politics is 'the perfect' venue for that mindset.  On both sides of the political aisle, many of this people crawled out of the goddamn sewer - they hate our human family and act out on it daily with a pathological zeal - as we're witnessing now demanding that millions of Americans go back to work into this petri dish of COVID-19 that's sure to kill them - mostly black and brown people - by the tens of thousands. Those doing the bulk of the dying are black and brown front-line essential workers.     

Here,  I will lay out my case in its entirety for the citizens of Congressional District #1 to fire Congresswoman Dina Titus, and to hire me to be their spokesperson in Washington. 

When one takes on a deeply entrenched politician of her brand, with 9, 10 + billionaire campaign contributors - it's incumbent upon them to prove they have the political capacity to do the job.  That's how many billionaire donors I've found thus far - no doubt there are more (along with several multi-national mining corps that have been raping Nevada for decades -  of the BILLIONS in gold and other precious minerals under the soil, giving us back less than pennies on the dollar, courtesy of Titus' time as majority leader in the state senate. ( click on "top donors" on your left and sit back and shake you heads)

Rarely will you see even the WORST Democratic Party politicians with this many billionaire donors.  I stopped counting at 9 - click on the link above and see for yourselves - you can't make this stuff up. What credible politician hired by working class, blue collar, no collar"people of color" to represent them in D.C., would take a penny for the likes of Haim Saban & Warren Buffet?   Who does that and with a straight face says they represent working class people?  


Congresswoman Titus is a professional "do-nothing politicos of 32 years" in state and federal government - 32 years of nothing that you or anyone else can point to that has bettered the lives of the citizenry of her current district (she used to be in another district).   She is what our failed Democratic Party leadership gives us to pick from.  Well, the "picking from" time is over - It's time for 'pick-ing' the person best suited to deliver on the needs of the citizens of CD#1. 

The most impoverished citizens in Clark County reside in CD#1 - it's where the bulk of those in a state of perpetual homelessness reside - we see them daily on our streets - probably over 15,000 in total. They go from place to place in those two districts doing all they can to survive from one moment to the next.  If you house a beating heart you know in that heart that this isn't right, yet, in her near decade as congressperson for the district Titus hasn't done a single thing to fix this outrage.   It should be noted that Dina Titus was one of the earliest supporters of the plagiarizing, pathological lying, segregationist, former Vice President Joe Biden, which says a lot about her neoliberal politics as well as her character.      

 I will meticulously lay out my case -  with only proven facts in regards to "Dixiecrat" Congresswoman Titus' failed legislative priorities since she was first elected to represent CD#1 SINCE 2013.  She has been a monumental failure to the "majority-minority" district that is CD#1.       


These links should be enough to convince you of Dina Titus' ineptitude - she's just another 'phone in her homework" politician. And, this isn't even half of her failures.  I ask that you send a mere 30 mins in review of these issues below - if after you review this important information and you're not convinced Congresswoman Dina Titus does not have your best interests in mind, then by all means cast your vote for her.


Subject specific links;   


This COVID-19 pandemic is far more important that any primary, as hundreds of millions of people worldwide are at serious risks of death from this virus.  In America, we could loss 200,000 people before this abates.  Below, you see a photo of how those in homelessness (predominantly black and brown people) are treated by in Las Vegas, a city with 150,000 VACANT hotel rooms.  This is the City of Las Vegas' idea of compassion - and this is Congresswoman Dina Titus' congressional district.  This is human rights violation of monumental proportions.  This violates CDC rules on social distancing as well as the human rights violation.

This coronoa virus Petri dish is guaranteed to sicken and kill many of them - but, perhaps that's the plan.  This COVID-19/SARS COV2 has killed 85,082 Americans as of May 14th and infected 1.4 million Americans - thus far - and we're nowhere close to getting a handle on this.  In a city where hotel/motel space is abundant and won't be used again for months this is a purposeful malevolence that's unconscionable.  This madness is just more proofs that help to thicken the proofs that Congresswoman Dina Titus needs to be shown the door for even allowing such a situation in her district.  They wouldn't have given this inhuman idea a pico-second of thought were I the congressman of this district. 

                                                           Welcome to TitusTowne, Nevada


This news story circulated around the world............this is how black and brown people in living in a state of homelessness are treated in Las Vegas, Nevada.  


These events are precisely why a "cabinet level position" is needed:

Here is the latest on the devastation that COVID-19 is doing to black America.  Black people always end up with the worst of everything bad that happens in America through governmental neglect, yet, black leadership are slow to bring it to the public's attention - if at all, well, I won't be that black politician.
Why is it [that] black, brown, Native Americans and Asians are always the first to do the the dying in situations like this?    
I'll take to the floor of the House in a pico-second to bring whatever I feel needs to be bought to the attention of the American people regarding how black America is being neglected, abused by failed government policies once more.  If you think Dina Titus cares two-cents about black America - POC in general - just take a walk through CD#1 and you'll have all your questions answered, you'll see her purposeful, monumental incompetence with your own eyes.

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